Deployment of wireless networks (Wi-Fi)

Wireless technologies and corporate networks are crucial for stores and trade centers, warehouses, industrial enterprises, transport infrastructure facilities (airports, railway stations, and ports), businesses and office centers.

They help solve such common tasks as: ensuring the mobility of employees, providing internet access to customers, cutting costs on wired infrastructure.

Deployment of wireless corporate data networks

Assigning a task is usually the first step in the deployment of wireless networks. Networks may operate in various environments and solve different tasks. Our specialists will consult with your company to determine your wireless network requirements together. Based on the results, they will design a project and perform a radio frequency survey of the customer’s sites. During the survey, they will use the measurement data to determine optimal access point locations and the ideal equipment configuration.

Once the access points have been installed and configured, another radio frequency survey is performed to validate the projected indicators of the wireless corporate network. Then, the customer accepts the network and is free to use it.

Maintenance of wireless corporate networks

Very often, wireless corporate networks do not meet the requirements of their owners. The reasons for this vary from equipment failures and deterioration of the jamming environment, to a growing demand for network capacity.

To solve these issues, our specialists will examine your existing wireless network, identify faulty equipment, propose optimized settings and prepare a network upgrade plan for any new tasks. They can also perform radio frequency surveys, the first of which is to validate any existing problems, while the second confirms their resolution.

Active protection of wireless corporate networks

Unlike a wired network, wireless networks cannot restrict connections to it, as this requires higher security measures for authorization and data transfer policies. This task can be solved by an active corporate wireless network protection system. This type of system consists of hardware and software that identifies unauthorized connections to the wireless network, and determines their locations to take countermeasures. In addition, this solution helps record all incident parameters for further study, and test security through simulated unauthorized connections.

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