Project management

It is a common situation on the retail market when businesses cannot solve a task due to a lack of internal expertise or qualified personnel. But the solution is actually quite simple: project management outsourcing. This service makes it possible for businesses to get exact times for work completion, understand the risks related to legislative changes, control external operations through project management and delegate functions to it that are not the core business of the trade organization.

Benefits of the Project Management service

High-quality project management is crucial to accomplish goals successfully and take advantage of the following:

  • More transparency, better management and control of the project implementation process,
  • Faster project completion,
  • Higher resource management efficiency,
  • Higher quality operations and better results,
  • Higher quality decision-making,
  • Higher efficiency of communications during projects,
  • Minimized negative risk impact.
  • Participation in the preventive resolution of issues.

All of the above factors make it possible to minimize the risk of project implementation failures: from total failures to the failure to meet an important criterion. These factors also ensure maximum project profitability.

Pilot’s project management expertise

Pilot Group Specialists have extensive expertise in project management. Some of our most successful large-scale projects have been in the following areas:

  • Turn-key projects: from designing a solution to starting new projects to meet customer needs (software and technical solution supplies, their implementation, designer supervision, commissioning and maintenance services).
  • Implementing ERP/back-office level systems and their individual components.
  • Design, assembly, implementation, and support of reliable infrastructures (WLAN).
  • Piloting new solutions, such as RFID, electronic price tags, self-service systems, payment terminals.
  • Development, design, integration of applications.
  • Migrating salesrooms from existing software and hardware solutions to other solutions.
  • Remodelling (configuration, software and hardware modifications) of existing cash register lines.
  • Mass updates of cash register software and other applications throughout networks to implement new functionalities, for example, promotion campaigns and event-based marketing.
  • Integration of offline and online stores.
  • Configuration, setup and management of marketing programs across entire networks.
  • Interface design and implementation of the joint operation of promo and loyalty servers based on customer requirements.
  • Implementation of systems to meet government regulations, including the Unified State Automated Information System, acceptance of MIR payment cards, online data transfer to the Federal Tax Service, and acceptance of social cards.
  • Examination, selection, and testing of new software and hardware solutions based on customer requirements.
  • Development of specialized training courses in the format most convenient to the customer.

If you need to implement a project but you aren’t sure you can do it yourself or if your IT resources are insufficient, Pilot is the solution to your problem. We will help you achieve your objectives without ever negatively affecting any existing processes, or interrupting the customer’s business even for a minute.

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